Nose and Sinus Disorders

Nose and Sinus Disorders

About 35 million people develop chronic sinusitis each year, making it one of the most common medical complaints in America.  Taking care of the nose and sinuses is one of the primary expertise of the otolaryngologist, or ear, nose and throat doctor.

At ENT Specialists of Abilene, we provide specialize in adult and child nasal and sinus disorders.  This includes (but is not limited to) the treatment of:

Allergy Treatment – We will diagnose whether you actually suffer from allergies or if your discomfort is linked to another cause.  Then we will determine the substances causing the discomfort and develop a treatment plan that will help you get your life back. Click here for Overview of Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment.

Balloon Sinus Procedure – Balloon Sinuplasty performed in Abilene is a simple and quick endoscopic procedure that opens/reshapes the sinus passages without tissue removal. Offering a much quicker recovery than traditional surgery, there is also less pain and bleeding since no tissue is removed. In most cases, Balloon Sinus Surgery can be done in the office with the patient ready to go home within hours. Click here for more information about Balloon Sinuplasty.

Comprehensive nasal and sinus care may also encompass cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose and surrounding area.  Many procedures can be performed at the same time as some of our sinus procedures. Click here for more information about Cosmetic Procedures.

You can also go to this website, American Academy of Otolaryngology to find more educational information about ears and ear health.  As always, please don’t substitute this or any other website for medical advice.  Please call us to set up an appointment or to ask for more information about whether ENT Services of Abilene is the right doctor for your need or condition.